A downloadable game for Windows


Race your friends to the top of the ancient tower! Choose between giving yourself a boost or attacking your fellow racers. Build momentum to go faster and beat your friends to the top.

Submission for TOJam 13.

Controllers Recommended!

A Button - Jump

X Button - Light Magic

B Button - Dark Magic

Build momentum to jump higher!


  • Spencer Winson - Programming & Level Design
  • Jessica Parsons - Art & Assets
  • Mike Romaniak - Music
  • Simon Sweetman - Logo

No controllers? Ascent should be playable on a keyboard:

PlayerMoveJumpLight MagicDark Magic
1A/DSpaceLeft ShiftLeft Control
2Left Arrow/Right ArrowNXC
4Numpad 4/Numpad 6Page UpInsertDelete


Ascent.zip 22 MB

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